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ALVH&NSK I am a Rubicon Research Fellow at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge and a Fellow at Lucy Cavendish College. From November 2016, I will be a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow.

I investigate the effects of early life experiences on cognition and the brain in childhood and adolescence with the aim to better understand why some individuals develop mental health problems, and others do not.

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2016 Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research fellowship £295.747,- (01 November 2016-31 October 2021).

2015 (Additional) Rubicon Fellowship (£11.709). Funding for Maternity Leave during Rubicon Fellowship. (01 March 2015 to 01-Oct 2015).

2014 Returning Carers Scheme (£7250) University of Cambridge

2013 Netherlands Society for Scientific Research Postdoctoral Rubicon fellowship (€ 160.000). Success rate was 20%, and my application was ranked first amongst all other applicants in the Social Sciences.